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[H] Felicity(Blue) Stumpy, Ethereal Flames(Green) Stumpy [W] Keys or Paypal

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Looking for other Unusuals (Felicity and Ethereal only please or multiple sunfires (2 higher/mid tiers would be fine for Ethereal, 3 for the felicities)) I will pay keys out as well if needed to cover the difference. I am looking for a 50 key B/O for the Ethreal, 60 for the Felicities though offers close to it I will probably accept as well.

This is a GREEN ethereal stumpy you are looking at.


Current Offer: 40 keys / (Sunfire tegu + Sunfire Morok) / (Sunfire Tegu+ Sunfire Yak) / (Sunfire Tegu+ Sunfire Badger ) / (Your offer here!!)
B/O: 50 keys

This is a felicities stumpy you are looking at! My old trader has other issues at the moment so I'm putting him up on the market.



C/O: (Was 55 keys but now its nothing!!! Your offer here)

B/O: 60 keys Edited by Alex Lee

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